Yard Ducks


This is a picture of my back yard.
Some of the wild Muscovies are in the front of the picture, and far behind out by the lake is some wild white Ibis.
Do I mind all these fowl being in my yard? Do they hurt my grass?
Look at the picture. Have you ever seen thicker greener grass than this?
I have no sprinklers in the back yard either. The Muscovies take good care of my yard, it is them, that make it so beautiful.
They are always invited in my yard, and yes, even on my patio, their poo is nothing to hose off,
and it is great for the grass and plants.
Their poo also is not like a dog or human poo, if you step in dog poo, it stinks and is hard to get off, you have to dig it off,
but Ducks poo you just wipe your foot in the grass it wipes right off, it is not greasy, it is natual, and it does not stink.
You can also hose it off very easy.

Look at what the ducks did to my Cypress Tree.
Cypress trees are usually pretty scroungy, but this one where the ducks lay under it is so full,
that it is weighted down with limbs.
This tree is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
You can see some ducks under it here.
I named this tree my "Carmen Miranda" tree.
You can look at it and see why ;)

Here is a close up so you can see how full it is, and also,
notice it is LOADED with little white cones, so much that it looks like snow.
This is only from the ducks, otherwise it would be just a regular Cypress tree.

Here is a picture that you can see more of the ducks with the tree, they lay under it, and love it.
So don't let no one kid ya, their droppings make GREAT fertalizer.

I was looking out my window at the Muscovies and the squirrels and birds all eating together in harmony on my patio, and this song (What a Wonderful World) was playing while I was watching them, and it was so nice and peaceful, and I was thinking, it could be a wonderful world, if only people could get along like these fowl and animals, and if people would just live, and let live.
I have seen so much cruelty out of people tho, that, this song is just a wish right now, but, I hope that one day, there will be such peace, and that people will let fowl and animals alone, to have a life. The wonder of that wish tho, is that one day it will come true, when the Lord returns, He will bring peace to the world for a thousand years, and it WILL be a wonderful world!!
So that is why I put this song on this page.

You know, people are predators. All that have eyes in the front of their head is considered a predator. Those are people, dogs, cats, lions & tigers & bears, oh my, and eagles, hawks, owls, etc. But, ducks, birds, deer and other fowl and animals that have eyes on the sides of their head, are not a predator. They are the gentle ones, and the gentle ones are the ones that people kill,
because they are COWARDS !!! They should join the Military, but those people usually don't join
because they will be up against people shooting back.
God Bless our Military, always keep them in your prayers, they ARE our HEROES,
and we THANK THEM for their service to our country!
The difference in people and animals is people have minds to think, and also the way people are brought up. A person can be brought up right, or wrong. If wrong, then they are worse than a animal predator, because the animal is innocent,
it usually only kills to eat. There are a few animals that do kill just to kill tho, but, not many.
The Coopers Hawk and the Sharp Shinned Hawk are 2 that will kill just to kill.
They are considered worthless pests!

But hunting is not a sport - KILLING is NOT a sport - you do NOT KILL for SPORT or FUN,
or to decorate your wall with animal heads, it should be against the LAW!!
Killing for necessity to eat is one thing, but, not for sport, that is awful!!
Wearing real fur is awful also. Another thing bad about hunting is that MANY, MANY animals or fowl get wounded and are left on their own to die a slow death, or to go on for years with a wound that has hurt him for life and he has to live with the pain and trouble the rest of his life. You do not hurt, injure, draw blood nor kill for sport or fun at all, it is awful!
God did not bless us with His creations for us to abuse them.
Back in the days when they HAD to wear fur, is different, but now it is totally unnecessary,
unless you are killing predators, then you have a reason to hunt.
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