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The handsome guy in this picture is
Gorgeous George.

~~~~~~MORE ANIMAL INFO~~~~~~
If you see a bird, or chicken that looks like somebody took it and threw it, and it just looks awful laying there, many times with it's mouth wide open and it is all sprawled out, or like he is drunk and having a hangover...before you go to get him... wait a minute, and see if he is in the sun. When they take a sun bath, they look like they are in agony. What they do is, kinda lay on their side, and sprawl their feathers out, open their mouth, and just soak up that sun. So, unless they are in the street, or in danger, check if they are in the sun, and if they are, wait and watch a while, and see if they get up when they are done, and fly off, or walk.
If they don't then maybe something is wrong, then check them out.

If you are ever outside, and a bird seems like he is attacking you, it isn't because the bird is mean or crazy. It is because it's babies are near by and the parents are just protecting them. Just leave that particular area.
Also remember this, when you see a baby bird on the ground that is able to walk, (or hop) just leave it alone, (and don't let your kids bother it). It's parents are near by teaching it. A baby bird is on the ground for a few days or more, befor it learns how to fly. The thing you could do to help if you want is to stay away,
but keep a eye out for it, or them, so that no cats or hawks come near at this time.

Those of you who buy those big bags of feed to feed your fowl or horses,
be sure to recycle those bags, or use them for garbage bags, don't throw them away.

There are people who gripe about Blue Jays making too much noise. It's time they learn what that particular noise is, when they get together and kind of screech, that is a very dangerous signal they give to each other, it is a WARNING to them that there is DANGER. It is usually a cat or a snake or a Hawk or Owl, or other kind of predator is there where they are screeching, and they are screeching at it to go away, or sometimes it is something dead on the ground, but it is good for them to warn each other and it also warns other birds, they all know when any kind of birds put out warnings, it is good for people to know also, because sometimes it is something that even we need to get away from, like the snakes or Bobcat or Alligator, etc. So don't be ready to complain, it is a very important signal. But also, that is NOT the Blue Jay's main sounds, they have good sounds too, they can sing pretty and they also make some different chirpings and they also can mimic other noises. But, when put yourself in the bird world and realize that they live in a world like our horror films, predators around hunting after them all the time, millions of birds are killed and eaten worldwide every day, and they don't usually get killed immediately either, they get eaten alive, it is a awful death, like when a hawk gets them, it pins them to the ground and starts eating him alive in his crop, and you do not die fast from that, he feels every bite and agony he is going through. So live and let live, don't begrudge birds and other fowl and animals the short lives they have, and remember they have warnings they must sound out for the sake of others too.

Do you like fighting those mean ol wasp nests? Not if you don't want to get stung. The best way to get rid of the wasp nests with out getting stung, is to wait till well after dark, and then go with a flash light and spray them good. At night they are all tucked in around the nest and they are all there, so you won't miss any, and they are very easy to spray at that time. You still get out of there quick, but, it is so much easier if you do it at night.

I think the easiest way to tell if it is a coral snake is that coral snakes always have a black head, so if the head is black, don't take any chances, stay away. King snakes look much like coral snakes, but even they sometimes have a black head, but sometimes it is red, but if it is black, just don't take any chance.
The other way to tell is the bands on the body, the riddle says this - "Red touches yellow, kills a fellow. Red touches black, friend of Jack'" So, if a red band is next to a yellow one, it is poisonous, but if a red band is next to a black band, it's ok, he's safe. But that takes more time to think on than to see if it has a black head, unless you can't see it's head, then go by the bands, just remember the riddle.

~~~~~~TIPS for your pond~~~~~~
If you don't have fish in your pond, to help your pond to get rid of mosquito larvae and other bugs in your pond, go to the bait shop and get a couple hundred minnows and carefully introduce them into your pond.
Very soon they will clean it up from pests. It is fun to watch them in your pond too.
Also don't have Cattails in your pond. They breed mosquitos. Mosquitos live in them.

It is deadly to your fish and water fowl
If you get that in your pond, GET RID of it RIGHT AWAY!

To people who are having a problem with saw grass in their lake or pond, once it has spread to where it is covering a pretty big area, you can't spray it to get rid of it. Its roots go deep down and are big. About the only thing you can do is hire a back-hoe to come in and dig down deep and pull it all out.
You better do it befor it gets out too far in the lake where the back-hoe can't reach it.

I can not stress enough how important it is for parents to make sure that children do not get pets at the pet shops or other places that they can not take care of for the life of them, you need to make your child realize that the animal will grow up and get big, and it is best to not get any animals that get too big. Also pets that they get tired of like snakes, scorpions and tarantulas, etc. Iguanas can get to 6-feet and bigger. Here in Florida, there is so many Iguanas and pythons and other critters that people have set free that the critter control people are after them daily, they trap them and kill them. That is not a nice thing to do to your old pet, set him free where he will be hunted and killed. It is important that if you do not want them any more, to either sell them or find them a good home, do not take them out and set them free, you might think it is a good thing to do for them, but it is not, it is a terrible thing to do and life threatening, not only because they are in danger of being trapped and killed but also because, they were raised by you and fed by you and cared for by you, they are not used to finding food and water on their own,
and all of a sudden they are and they many die a slow death because of it.

It is also important when you get a pet to make sure to learn up on them so you will know how to properly feed them and all the necessary things you need to know to take good care of your critter. If you do not feed the right diet for them, they can severely suffer for it and get deformed.
Here is a example, this is Scooter in these pictures, he is a box turtle who was not taken proper care of
and he became deformed and will be for life.

It is important to learn how to feed turtles and tortoise because they will get severely deformed and be very unhealthy if not properly cared for. Scooter was turned over to the "Turtle Rescue of Long Island" where he will be well cared for by Julie for the rest of his life, but he will never come out of this deformity that people did to him. So please be very careful of what pet you get, and do not get it if you can not properly care for it.
To learn more about Scooter click here
Turtle Rescue of Long Island

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